Netrunner 2015.09 feedback

I am a bit late, but I wanted to report some problems I had with Netrunner 2015.09 on my pc.
[]frei0r-plugins are not installed by default.
These are needed for kdenlive to offer more effects. You could add them as optional dependency.
]vokoscreen is configured by default to save videos to /home/netrunner/Videos directory, which is not correct.
These are all. Thank you for all your efforts, they really seem to pay off. Hope I helped a bit.

I do apologize for this over site. However, frei0r-plugins is not listed as dependency or even as an optional dependency for kdenlive, this is why it was overlooked. The vokoscreen save dialog issue must have just slipped by us, I’ll look into a fix for this for future ISO’s.

Thanks for letting us know about these, your input is greatly appreciated.