Netrunner_64 reaction from a new user

I had been a KDE diehard for ages. I used a solid rolling release distro for several years that has maintained #8 at Distrowatch. Then I stumbled upon Cinnamon DE, which ultimately led me to Manjaro. I loved Manjaro from the start and never looked back.

The notice that Netrunner was building a KDE version on Manjaro, caught my interest as I was curious how the latest KDE ran. The 32bit Netrunner ran great on a live USB stick. Very responsive, and attractive. Though a hefty ISO. So when the 64bit Netrunner appeared I grabbed it and installed to my HD.

It ran great. Only a couple of slight snags. I was disappointed that the desktop was a plain KDE setup. I expected the beautiful Netrunner look that the live version ran, and the very cool homerun kicker. To be fair, I installed to an existing home partition, that could have resulted in the vanilla KDE theme.

Also, right away I ran Octopi to apply updates, but was met with an error that some existing security certificates conflicted with ones with update versions. The error message listed the location being under a Mozilla folder. I deleted that, reran the update, which generated another certificate error, which I again deleted so the update ran flawlessly to completion.

To be clear, these are not complaints, just reports of my experience. Both were possibly caused by remnants left in my home partition. I am very pleased with Netrunner and thank you all for a fine distro.

Life is good. :slight_smile:

Yes when installed and used with an existing home partition the configuration files on your home partition is used.

Yes thats a known problem.

Thanks for your feedback

Installed Clean… minor problem with mirrors (easily sorted I just #'d them out)

Got all the programs I need running in very short order.

Simply another Great Netrunner OS

Thank You…

Netrunner is another great distro and it convince me to switch from Manjaro with full clean installed after I found the way to update the kernel to linux314 in order to fix my Dell Vostro 5460 audio issue.

Great distro and thanks to the dev for the effort!