Netrunner - a model KDE distro!

I have been using Netrunner since v4.2 and I would like to say that this is truly one of the most promising distros of the last years. I know that this may sound silly, but I was never good at expressing my thoughts.
First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the devs behind Netrunner for the fruit of their labour, an easy-to-use distro which also looks nice and actually takes the users’ feedback into account! By the way, the use of FormaN was a great move :wink:
Also, it is important to mention that Blue Systems is a solid supporter which not only makes this wonderful distro, but also supports KDE. NT and BS are, in my humble opinion, the one and only good alternative to a certain distro that starts with a ‘U’. Keep it up, folks!

Yeah honestly I can’t understand why this forum isn’t way more active. I have tried so many distros of all flavors but netrunner is just amazing. Best default KDE themeing I have ever seen and everything works beautifully. Only problems I’ve had with it came from 4.10.1 update but that is a KDE issue, not Netrunner. Recent reviews have had a lot of praise for this distro and I’m just surprised that it’s not more popular than it is.