Netrunner Desktop entries name trick


I’ld like some help to understand how Netrunner Desktop work and to find a *.desktop files display name trick. I’ve already read the Desktop Entry specifications and several related articles but it didn’t answer to my questions, even if I’ve learnt lot of interesting things there :slight_smile:

At first, I’ve configured 4 virtual desktops with the “Different widgets for each desktop” option enabled and all using the Netrunner Desktop layout. As usual this configuration caused an issue with fresh sessions starting on Desktop 2 or 3 instead of Desktop 1, as usual I’ve solved it by renaming ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc.

I’ld like to use 4 different folders named Desktop 1, Desktop 2, etc. Doing so my desktops would be well organized.

But my (little) issue is that when the Desktop location is set to “Show the Desktop folder”,

it looks like this:

And when I set it to ~/Desktop/Desktop1 or any other folder,

the same *.desktop files copied from ~/Desktop look like this:

I know that even if I rename the files, removing the .desktop extension and adding capital letters and spaces, the shortcuts will still work fine when clicking on it. But I’m near sure that it’s not the right way to do. I would like my desktop to display the shortcut name rather than the real *.desktop file name.

In fact the only real problem is my lack of experience with Linux, so I hope you’ll be able to help me to find the right solution or at least a direction to follow in my research of a solution.

That might be an interesting bug. Does this bug also appear if you use different activities instead of different widgets on every virtual desktop (which internally should use activities btw.)
As I have running different activities with different Desktop folders myself and it is working fine maybe it works for you also.

Iknow this might be a different workflow for you but activities was made for this. So maybe it might suite you also.

I will try and give some news here. Thanks for your help.

I already thought that I had understood your suggestion at first sight, but just wanted to test before answering anything. In fact I can’t understand how this activities could help me to achieve what I want. I already use activities to separate my professional and personal “environments”.

But could it help to achieve my goal? It gives 4 desktops with the same entries on all of them + 4 new desktops once again with the same entries on all of them. Total: 2 real separate desktops.
What I need is only one activity with 4 different desktops, each one having its own entries. Then I would be able to configure a second or third activity the same way if I want so.

It is well configured now as I already have 4 separate desktops based on Netrunner Desktop layout.
My problem is more about the desktop location option: how to make the Netrunner Desktop layout show entries the same way whether “Show the desktop folder” or “Specify a folder” is checked, it means showing desktop entries name rather than real file name.

Another example (see image below): if I select Default Desktop layout instead of Netrunner Desktop, then I copy the *.desktop folder from my /home/user/Desktop directory to the desktop, the desktop file is shown with App name not with *.desktop file real name. So I guess my problem only occurs with Netrunner Desktop layout.

Here’s an example of desktop entry content with my own “vmware-workstation.desktop” file:

I know my explanations seem sometimes too complex for what I’m trying to say, sorry for my english. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

That seems to be not possible. It might be even a bug. (I am not sure about that)
That’s the reason why I talked about activities as it works there.


Please also note that I’ve already seen this bug under SolydK, openSUSE, Korora and Netrunner, so this is only related to KDE, not Netrunner nor Ubuntu.

The annoyance is very minimal so it’s not really an issue. I just thought that there was something I didn’t understand about the Netrunner Desktop layout. If it is related to a bug (or a feature request), do you know where I should report/request it?

For now I will solve it the way I did before this fresh OS re-install: renaming the *.desktop files manually, as they work fine even after renaming them and removing their file extension. That’s the only important for now :slight_smile:

I guess the KDE bug tracker should be the right place to report to.
You can find it here:
It might also be good to search if someone already reported that issue.

Yup, as you suggest the KDE community is able to help and I will try to avoid creating a double bug ticket by searching for existing reports.

Anyway, isn’t the Netrunner Desktop layout really particular to Netrunner OS? Netrunner and Rosa are the best KDE desktops but contain features developed by and for this OS communities, I expect KDE devs to know very little things about Netrunner specific features. Will see.

As the Netrunner Desktop containment is a modified FolderView Containment the issue exists in folderview containment aswell. So if you report the bug you mention the folderview containment and not the netrunner desktop containment please.
This would also make sense as you mentioned you tested other distributions which had the same issue and they don’t use Netrunner Desktop containment.