Netrunner does it again

Ever since I stumbled upon Netrunner when it was Dryland Second edition this distro has majorly impressed me with how overall good it is.
Its fast, its sleek and surprisingly stable, even now based on 12.10 it runs like a dream!
The only major complaint is ditching kmix as the default volume manager, and now using veromix which frankly sucks.
Big mistake on using it methinks though it does seem to offer better pulse audio support.

[quote=“TheMadOne, post:1, topic:619”]
Yes this OS is simply the best packed with every app you can think of you need from VOIPs to virtual box and the apps is nice like minitube and you can drag the video to your desktop. Crazy! And yes, it’s fast and stable. I still got a P4 wit only a gig of memory. But hey we gotta remember to we can make the swap file for virtual memory as big as we want:D