Netrunner in GUID partition?

Hi all peoples!
Before I installed Netrunner normally in MBR partition.
Now I do not have this opportunity because one of my hard disk is damaged.
At the moment I only have two hard drives, one is SSD for Windows 8.1 and the other for Mac OS X.
A second hard drive that is GUID, I set aside 100 gb and I want them to install Netrunner.
Is it possible installation GUID partition?
I use legacy boot.
Sorry for my very bad english.
Thank you very much!!!

GUID Partition uses GPT so yes it is possible. Though I think it needs UEFI enabled (not secure boot!) to successfully boot.
And if you use UEFI it needs an EFI FAT32 partition.

Can you show me a screenshot of gparted running on Netrunner Live showing your current partition scheme ?

Yes, you can use GUID Partition Table (GPT) on BIOS based systems under Linux:

Thank you very much!!!
I installed Netruner,but I have a problem.
I can not boot from GRUB…
This is a GUID partition hard drive.

Is there an error message or what do you mean exactly by cannot boot from grub.
I assume grub was successfully installed? Do you have a boot entry in uefi to boot Netrunner?