NetRunner new user- Some questions


I installed NetRunner Arch two minutes ago and it seems perfect (I’ll commnent on that in a couple of days haha)

I was wondering if it was possible to change the start menu? ie: install another one. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, I would like to try others.

Right now I’m just updating the system and installing my apps (steam, nginx, mariadb, phpfpm,conky, etc) and I won’t have time to play with it before going to work today but is NetRunner fast enough to play windows game in PlayOnLinux. I’m coming from ChakraOS and that distro was pretty good for that.

While browsing the forum, it seems that this is a great community and I’m glad I’m now part of it.

Have a good day!

EDIT: added “arch” in the first sentence.

Let me officially welcome you to Netrunner and our forums.

First, let me say that what you installed was Netrunner Rolling and not Netrunner Arch, the name was changed as to not cause any confusion or problems with the Arch Linux community, Netrunner Rolling is actually a spin of Manjaro Linux.

Now, with that said I need to let you know that before you update your system for the first time you’ll need to perform the bash update, this is because the 2014.09.1 ISO was released prior to the bash security updates and requires a few steps to complete successfully.

Here is the current suggested method to performing your first update:

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo rm -R /var/lib/pacman/local/bash-4.3.024-1
sudo pacman -Sy bash pacman manjaro-system
sudo pacman -Su

After that, update-packs will roll in approx. every two to three weeks. I always suggest keeping an eye out here in the forums or on the Manjaro site/forums for the update-pack announcements, you can also install and use octopi-notifier to be keep your system updated as well.

The steam and steam native clients come pre-installed in Netrunner Rolling as does skype and mariadb, so this sould save you some time.

Nice to have you with us. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier.

Thanks for your little help setting up my new os :-D, I had already updated bash though.

Thanks for pointing out that this is not arch but “rolling” I didn’t really care, but your explanation makes a lot of sence.
Netrunner already feels like my home, I really enjoy it.

Welcome akdom. I too am fairly new to Netrunner Rolling and I have to say, you won’t be disappointed with your choice; It is faster to play games, stable while still having plenty of regular updates, the people of the community as you’ve probably already discovered, are amazingly friendly and helpful and the desktop is snappy and modern-feeling. A few people I know have looked at my desktop and gone ‘wow, what is that? is that Windows 10? or something’ Their faces when I explain to them about Linux lol. I have converted a few but of course Windows still has a strangle-hold on business etc. Anyway, getting back to the point, I hope you enjoy using Netrunner Rolling. Welcome once again and Merry Christmas.