Netrunner not showing at Bootup

Hi there,

To cut a long story short just updated my motherboard.
Previously, I was running Win2k-Ubuntu-Win2k on a partitioned disk.
Obviously Win2k wouldn’t work on such new hardware and surprisingly neither would Ubuntu so I’m trying other disro’s.
I’ve got Linux mint up and running on partition 3 and I’ve just installed Netrunner on partition 1 but it just does not show up on the boot list when starting. I’ve run sudo update boot and I can see that netrunner is seen but it still doen’t appear at boot-up.
Any one got a solution
Many thanks…McCfuzz

Hi McCfuzz,

what version, 12.12 or 13.06 (RC) ?

Thanks for the reply but things have got considerably worse since I wrote this. Please see my new post. Thanks any way!