Netrunner Rolling install problems?

I am trying to Install Netrunner Rolling on a 2nd machine…

I downloaded the ISO, booted and only had an option for a CLI install (that ultimately failed)…

How can I get a graphical install like I used on the first machine I installed Netrunner Rolling on?

When will the Rolling ISO have a new snapshot?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Make sure to check the md5sum, also DO NOT use unetbootin or simmilar application to create a USB Media, this ISO is a hybrid with U/EFI support so it needs to be written to the stick using the exact same layout as contained within the ISO. This ISO can not be extracted and written to any other partition or format. In other words using dd, suse image writer, rufus, or something similar:

Thanks. I used Suse Image Writer. Will try again.