Netrunner rolling new artwork

Hello I am Sergio Esaú I am from Mexico and I am here to make a little suggestion about the Netrunner rolling’s artwork

Well my suggestion is this: two artwork packages

The first the Netrunner arch artwork package with the Nitrux icons some cool white plasma themes like helium and your normal current ones, Netrunner rolling blue and neuro X wallpapers and Artic way oxxygen as the default colour scheme

The second one a little bit harder the Netrunner arch fresh silver artwork with a modified version of the KaOS flattr icons synced with these icons and modified to be totaly cool for Netrunner arch, this can be gotten with a Netrunner flat logo icon (a flat blue circle with a flat netrunner arrow) icons for KDE games VBA-M Zsnes and snes9x (Zsnes and snes9x can share the same icon, you can found it under the name of app-games) Midna plasma theme as the desktop theme, synced with the AUR package to do not lose any detall, for the wallpaper Netrunner silver a Netrunner silver SDDM theme and a Ksplash based on the famous and beautyfull Chakra’s dharma KDM but with the colours of the Netrunner silver’s background / colours and the Netrunner logo with text

Why I suggest this changes? simply; I like the good artwork and KaOS Netrunner and Nitrux SA has it :slight_smile:

if do you not beleve on me check this:


The colour scheme has been maden by me, check how fits the Netrunner silver wallpaper Artic way oxygen cold the Midna plasma theme and the Flattr icons, I realy hope you like this suggestion because it is simply awesome :slight_smile:
PS: let dolphin and octopi vainilla (with not any custom config), the other settings and desktop not

Hi sergioad, these look really nice, thanks for posting them here!
We give them a spin and try for our next snapshots in about 2-3 months.
Welcome to the forums!

Cool thank you :slight_smile: I hope see it on Netrunner