new install can not login [ solved ]

I just installed netrunner 14 to a used drive which had a user in it ( and was kept ).

When I try to login in with the correct password the screen goes blank for a few seconds then returns.
When I try to login with the wrong password. The wrong password stays there so that I can change it.
So it looks to me that it is recognizing the correct password but will not go any further.

the guest login goes to kde??

Any ideas on whats going on?


Yea. there must be a configuration sitting or file somewhere in that user directory preventing plasma from loading, try logging in to a VT (CNTRL+ALT+F1), and delete the ~.kde directory hidden in your home folder, then switch back to your GUI terminal (ALT+F7) and log in.

There must have been more than just the permission for the .kde folder
I tried to use the netrunner live disk and sudo dolphin and change the permission for all of the hidden folders but that didn’t work so I started another distro and changed the permission with gnome-commander and that worked ( it’s the most reliable gui for changing permissions )

Now it works fine

Thanks for the hint


I usually use midnight commander or Krusader for such things, but any Norton commander clone will work for this, as well as many other advanced file management tasks. :slight_smile:

Hmm… I use the commandline :stuck_out_tongue:

Leszek. Yea, I kind of got spoiled with Norton Commander back in my MS Dos days. :slight_smile: LOL