New Runners

Hello everyone I’m Beto new to Linux, and been distro hopping and tried most. I have Manjaro’s KDE installed in my other machine and I’m impressed with Netrunner’s so I’ve installed it in my other box. Great job to the teams and community, and please excuse my newbiness if I posted in the wrong area of the forum. Peace. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome Beerto, feel home!

Thank you @ Starbuck, glad to be here. :cool:

Hello Netrunner community! I’m a beginner, although like many, I have distro-hopped to acquire some Linux culture. I have currently Netrunner Rolling and Manjaro KDE multibooted on the same computer. Both use the Calamares installer which is very straightforward. Out of the box I find Netrunner much faster. Both are rolling releases and sport KDE.
KDE for two reasons:

  1. Its file manager, Dolphin, is my favorite by far, and I’m not sure it can be installed with all its features on other DE’s.
  2. It has a feature, ‘Activities’, which from my readups seems very novel and unique among other DE’s. To be honest, I haven’t studied it yet.

Looking forward to a nice experience.

Welcome aloe76 :slight_smile:

Activities is a good feature I am using it for dividing work and home activities with different apps and folders opened on each of them.

Same reasons you mentioned. One of the reasons is because of Dolphin, and seems to me that this DE would be interesting to explore a new web-dev and graphics work-flow environment that it’s making sense to me.