New User / Login Screen Setup

Hi guys,
when i go into settings,other,login screen and make changes to my preferences and save my settings are not applied…ie when rebooting or login out the default login screen appears.

any help will be greatly appreciated. Thxs!

Have you taken a look at the other threads already ?
Apparently the sddm update in manjaro isn’t compatible with the old kcm_sddm . So you need to configure the sddm.conf manually to do changes to the login manager.

edit: This thread might be helpful for you:

ok…thxs for the link…much appreciated!!! (sorry for being such a noob…still finding my way around here…)

Ok… I followed the guide you were kind enough to link me to… I rebooted my PC and login screens appears with my user name… However when I enter my password = failed to login… Any Suggestion pls…

And it worked before?
Did you change the keyboard layout?

I was GB Englisch… Now it has USA English… But my password should not be affected with keyboard layout…

After making the changes I just rebooted… Now have this issue… So it was the first time logging in

Then please check if you can login on a tty (ctrl+alt+f1) and revert the changes you did.

I tried ctrl alt f1 and nothing happening here…

Can you try any other tty? F2 and so on

Ok got this far… Really sorry but what command should I do next…

Do you have a backup of the original sddm.conf?
If so you could just copy it over with the cp command.
If not you need to manualy change back to the original state of the file with a texteditor.
On the command line you can use vi or nano for that for example.

OK first off, settings > other > login screen is the setup for KDM and not SDDM so this is why that doesn’t work.
Second, SDDM 0.9.x only uses the sddm.conf file if xsession, XAUTHORITY, etc. are not setup properly. Your best bet is to either replace your /etc/sddm.conf file with the /etc/sddm.conf.pacnew file or to just delete sddm.conf altogether as the SDDM 0.10.0 package in the next update-pack is going to do this anyway.

First off… Thank you all for your help and patience in this matter… I have now done an image backup with clonezilla… I think i will just wait for the update while I am still finding my bearings here…

leszek is right that the version of kcm-sddm-git (settings > startup and shutdown > login screen (SDDM)) in the blueshall repository doesn’t work properly with SDDM 0.9.0 and is no longer available in git. The latest version of sddm-kcm is now dependent on KF5 components instead of kdelibs.