New user, still some questions

Hi everyone, I installed this nice spin-off from Manajro (Netrunner rolling) yesterday. Good job!

I still have some things I can’t figure out. So if it’s no problem, I’ll put them in this topic.


For some reason i can’t login automatically, I always start from a login screen

I wasn’t aware, it was the SDDM I had to set to auto login, should be fixed now.

[*]What is this in the tray?

What’s the purpose of the Ksystraycmd, can I get rid off it?

It disappeared, is it related to an autostart script?

[*]Disable instant messenger service?

I don’t use it, but couldn’t find the service to disable.


I don’t understand what the first 3 startups are for.

The first second two of the startups are the netrunner desktop (the desktop you’re using) and krunner, the command prompt (alt+f2 I think). The first one, no idea.

Disabling it doesn’t much matter as it doesn’t have any actual weight on the processor so, just don’t start it would probably be easiest. If you don’t want to see it in the systray right click on the systray and remove it.

The ksystraything is related to firefox as a way to speed it up when you start it and when you remove it from startup it doesn’t start at all and so doesn’t show up.

And the autologin seems sorted already

Ty ohyran for explaining, I think I’ll just leave it as set.

Now I’m searching for a way to get smooth tasks working, I have installed kdeplasma-applets-smooth-tasks2 through the pakkage manager but no effect and can’t find it in the settings.

Smooth Tasks 2 is an applet/plasmoid task manager, there are three already installed on the system:
Task Manager
expanding-icons-taskmanager (Default for Netrunner)

I’m wondering, what does Smooth Tasks 2 offer that the icon only task manager doesn’t?

Just like any other plasmiod, you’ll need to open the add widgets dialog, search for it and then either drag it a the panel or to the desktop to use it.

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction (add Widgets dialog) AJSlye, sometimes I forget how KDE plasma even works :rolleyes:

I just wanted to have only one icon for a each application that is open with a preview, like it was in Manjaro. I don’t know if it’s already as default if I remove the expanding-icons from the panel, but now it’s like I wanted.

The Icon-Only Task Manager (kdeplasma-addons-applets-icontasks) is the one used in the Manjaro KDE Edition. It has the one icon with preview feature that your looking for without the need for using smooth tasks 2 from the AUR, well unless it has some other features that I’m not aware that you need.

I will suggest to not go for auto login, passwords are essential for a systems security and auto login is not the way a OS should operate.
I know auto login is more conveniant, but if you cant spend an extra few seconds to type in a password at login may I suggest going back to windows which by the way nowadays also does not auto login.

I think it offers a little bit more (smooth) customization, but don’t ask me which :stuck_out_tongue:

You make a big point there, except of going back to windows :dodgy: I have to reconsidder.
The reason why it’s usefull for me is because I have some bash scripts running on startup. In the morning before I take my cup of coffee, I start my laptop and don’t have to look back for certain time as my scripts are being processed. Maybe I have to search to get the scripts working through systemd, but I’m not really sure where to place them (as system or as user?). Hard to find good tutorials (except of the Arch or Manjaro wiki)

When it comes to reoccurring tasks consider a cronjob. There is plenty of documentation for it.