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Congratulations to Clemens Toennies, bluesystems and all those who contributed to the 12.12 and 12.12.1 version of Netrunner.

I have been using GNU/Linux and BSD systems for about 15 years and have used a variety of distributions ranging from RPM-based systems to source-based systems. In between, I dabbled with debian-based distributions but never stuck with them for a variety of reasons.

Frustrated with some of my mainstays, I decided to try Netrunner and I am simply amazed at the integration, compatability and quality in so many areas. Lately I have been staying away from large company-backed distributions. The Netrunner folks have given me reason to reconsider that notion. Some of the usual things I struggle with on all of the other distributions I “hop” to just work out of the box with Netrunner.

None of the old reasons I stayed away from debian/Ubuntu in the past seem to be present in the current version. Perhaps others are familiar with this but this is new to me. I like the fact that the installation slideshow acknowledges that many individuals and organizations contributed mightily to what we see today. They are truly humble, however, because few distributions, if any, have achieved this level of quality and reliability out of the box. Thanks again for a very solid distribution which clearly demonstrates what GNU/Linux is capable of in outstanding fashion.