Next Release of Netrunner (Kubuntu)?

Hey, I am wondering when the next release/version of Netrunner will be released?

I like Netrunner the best, but have switched to Mint KDE. After upgrading my pc
from Intel board to an AMD board, there has been glitches and therefore made me
go elsewhere. Mint has been running well on the new MSI board, though, there are
things Netrunner does better. I’d rather re-install Netrunner… but I need to know it
will run glitch free.

Are there any beta versions in the works?

Netrunner has two versions with one vision:

  1. Standard release (Netrunner 14) is an LTS release based on Kubuntu:

  2. Rolling Release (Netrunner Rolling) based on Manjaro Linux:

Anytime you change your system board with one that uses another manufacturers chip-set / CPU or graphics processor there are bound to be issue, and unless you already know how to correct these kinds of issues a re-install is usually recommended as the best option in these cases.

But I asked when the next version of the Netrunner Kubuntu flavor is due out. Your answer did not provide me with the info I am looking for…

I am a Debian Fan and don’t care to use any other type of Linux. So your Manjaro version will Never interest me.

I wasn’t implying that you would like one version over the other, I was only offering the information. I had also planed on posting a link to the release schedules page from the Netrunner site, but i must have forgotten to add it, I do apologize.

Here is the release schedules page:

For future reference, all of the pages and Information that I provided is on the Netrunner website from the drop-down menu.:

Now if I may answer your question directly, Netrunner 15 (Prometheus) is targeted for late January, 2015.

The next version will be based on the plasma 5 desktop. So it will take a little bit longer to release that as we want to ship the best version possible.

Problem is that plasma 5 still lack a lot of widgets and features from KDE4, honestly I think Netrunner should do what Mint is doing:
Keeping the base at the last LTS as Plasma 5 has a long way to go if you want stability plus the nice features netrunner has with KDE.
I say just keep a plasma 5 version in the backburner for now and come to it when its ready, dont want a repeat of KDE4 now do we?

From what I can tell the only thing holding back the less used widgets, applets, plasmoiods or whatever else you want to call them, from getting ported is that the KDE developers are currently focusing on getting the apps ported, once these are ready we will have a complete system. As for the third party plasmoiods getting these ported would be up to the individual developers to do.

One thing I have noticed since installing Mint KDE version on my main computer (Netrunner still running on my second pc) is that Mint updates their OS daily… sometimes 2-3 times a DAY! Mint is running smoothly! Though, as stated before, they lack some of the nice features that Netrunner has built in.

Mint KDE shouldn’t be updating that often, unless you somehow end up on the Ubuntu testing or unstable repositories.

I have not added any other repositories. It is stock. I even check in Synaptic and no other repositories exist.

Yea that’s strange, especially since Linux Mint 17 is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.