no internet on acer e1 410

Good morning,

I’m Jimmy Perez, I have a problem with my internet on a acer e1 410 after install netrunner 2014.09 snapshot. When I try to access the internet or updates the system, netrunner shows me as I don’t have internet connection but if I ping to Google servers the ping retrieves a correct connection. Can you help me to resolve this ? What if have to do ?

Thank you for all.


Jimmy Perez

Ping google server means ping for example ?
Or ping ?

Can you check if your dns is setup correctly. Either with network manager or by looking into the /etc/resolv.conf file.

Is your network connection to your router wired or wireless?

I mean, ping I’m going to check the dns setup and I tell you later.

I have two choices but the problem is the same. I’m going to check the dns and tell you the result.