No need to boot linux box for ever

As per this
so linux servers and desktop will be updating and upgrading to any version of linux without a reboot ?
2) How will be upgrading the system will it upgrade the kernal like for eg ubuntu 14.04lts to the next version of lts woithout any reboot ?

It is basically meant for server who hate reboots and was developed for quite some time now.
I am not sure if it will make much sense for normal users. A clean reboot is always better in my opinion.

There has been in the past and still is to this day, other projects geared towards doing this exact same thing, this is just another implementation and definitely nothing to get excited about.

Well yes it was some ksplice but you know oracle the game player has changed anyway but this would be better for all the distro using the kernal and well opensource :wink: I am much excited about that i started learning linux m8 :wink:

Well on desktop there is no point as you mention.Only when some one doing something and there is updgrade and need a restart that’s where it could be avoided

I wasn’t only referring to ksplice, there have been others over the years.
I do however get your point though.

I only know ksplice others i havent even researched if you know few let me know plz
I have another question relating to account and process shall i ask here or with a new post in general ?

I’d go ahead and ask here, you can’t exactly hijack your own thread. LOL :slight_smile: