no software center?

Hi buneas I just installed netruner 17 but it does not have software center like those before as I can install it beforehand thanks a lot

Netrunner 17.01 ships with the synaptic packagemanager.
If you want to you can install the discover software center like application. We don’t provide that by default though.

How do I install discover?

Look muon I get a vercion that does not have a nice interface, and the screen is frozen, also look for muonndiscover and only appears muon

There is no muon-discover anymore. It got adopted by the KDE Project and was rewritten to plasma-discover.

Please just need me to tell you how to install a decent software to download applications please

sudo apt install plasma-dscover
should work from a terminal.

Plasma-dscover package could not be located

The name of the package is ‘plasma-discover’ , obviously. :wink: