No Volume Keys

Hi guys

I know that this is a beta and there are bound to be bugs but gotta say - loving it so far. The only thing I am having issues with is that my mutimedia keys no longer work. Can anyone help?


Is this a laptop or a multimedia keyboard?

a multimedia keyboard

Did they work previously using on an installed system and then stop working after an update?

worked on the last ISO but when I installed this beta - didn’t work at all

Hmm, that is strange. Maybe there is a package or configuration setting needed for Plasma 5 to use that keyboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have a multimedia keyboard to test with.

By default kmix is associated with the volume up and down buttons. So it needs to run for the keyboard shortcuts for too work.
Otherwise you need to configure any other plugin like the plasma-volume-control to use these multimedia keys. (I am not sure if that works reliable yet)