Now MTP error in Dolphin

Was working I believe as Calibre connected to it just yesterday or day before.
Now Calibre doesn’t even see it. And Dolphin shows it mounted but error and can’t access it.

Rebooted system and my Nook Color Tablet.
And now get a different error.

Then if I unplug device and plug back in. Get the 1st error above.
And now Calibre shows device with error. Tho can send book to device without generating any errors.
My Mind is Spinning and I see strange symbols floating in front of me! :s

Checked my Nook Color and my Book Neuromancer by William Gibson imported fine into my reader.

So any insights to how to solve would be appreciated.

Now after 3 or 4 tries Calibre and Dolphin is seeing device and can browse device.
Strange workings and Evil Bits Magic going on here.