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Nvidia driver 340.xx (Geforce GT 130M)


I have a premium HP notebook with a Nvidia GeForce GT 130 M graphics card. On Nvidia website I read, that the support for the linux driver package 340.xx (legacy) will end at the end of 2019. Now I want to know which of your editions should I choose to ensure that I will use my excellent for a long time, I does not want to throw away it? Is it the Manjaro based edition or the Debian based edition? Is the kernel series 5.2 the end for my nvidia card under plasma?.


The Debian based edition will support the nvidia-legacy driver in Debian Buster for at least 4 years. Maybe even longer. This needs to be seen after the release of Debian Buster.


Thank you @leszek for your answer. I would prefer to use your netrunner “manjaro-version”(more up to date plasma version), could I use it as well at least 4 years or longer?


Unfortunately, no, once the driver is no longer compatible with newer kernels, xorg, and/or Wayland, Manjaro can no longer support it. You could possibly stick with an LTS kernel that supports it as long as Xorg/Wayland does. However, you would need to ask in the Manjaro forums if this would be possible with mhwd in the future. Keep in mind that newer kernels, xorg, and wayland going forward will not be compatible with that card via the nvidia drivers, and a switch to nouveau/mesa would be required for continued use.


Thank you @AJSlye, that is a clear answer. Can you tell me please which other Desktops are running well with nouveau/messa (older Nvidia cards)? Thank you for your efforts.


No not really, I quit buying Nvidia products decades ago.
All of the systems that I use in my home and office, are all 100% Intel based.
I do have one 13" laptop that is AMD based, but it is only used for touch screen functionality testing.


I have Plasma running fine with nouveau on Netrunner and my old Thinkpad T410 with Quadro chip (NVS3100M). But this is a very old setup