Nvidia driver problem

I noticed that the driver installed with Netrunner are out of date (currently 319.xx), so I installing Nvidia 331.xx and then I rebooted the PC, but I was just give a blank screen with a flash ‘_’ after selecting the distro in GRUB. I pressed ctrl+alt+f1, then typed in jockey-text --list and apparently the only driver available is the Nvidia 319.xx-updated, dispite the fact I have just installed the 331.xx driver as well as there being the other 319.xx driver which is installed by default. I had to reinstall the distro 3 times because of this and I would really like it if this got fixed; having to repeatedly format and write to partitions gets quite tiresome.

Help will be appreciated!

P.S: this is my first post!

How did you install the 331 nvidia driver ? Did you use a ppa or installed it manually.
Also make sure not to install 319 with driver manager before you install 331.