Octopi Cache Cleaner Not Working?

Yep select it from Octopi menu and always shows empty.

But looking with Dolphin and there is 1.2 Gb - 478 files in var/cache/pacman/pkg/.

Am I missing or doing something wrong?


Change the keep variable down and hit refresh, it will list them.

Thanks didn’t understand what the Keep number was for? As changed bottom 3 to 2 that added a bunch.
But changed to 0 and that showed them all. Just don’t understand the need for keep?

Other question about Octopi. Is why so many password prompts. Any way to have it remember root password as long as it is open. And only need to enter it once? Remember installing packages having to enter it half a dozen times installing packages.

Thanks again.

Ohhh and reported the safety courses thread as Spam? Was thinking it’s Spam!

By default it only displays things that are over 3 days old, this allows you to keep things around just in case an update breaks your system and you need to downgrade a package to the previous version using the locally cached packages. If you clear out the entire cache and have an issue, then the old version of the package will no longer be available to you for downgrade.