Octopi not showing all

Hi All
Whats the deal with Octopi?
I cant seem to find all the pkgs that are available ie wine git
Installed wine and wine tricks and they had no gui, ended up launching from terminal, while exploring Octopi …somehow stumbled on a full list of wine pkgs including qt5 and git … no I cant find them again
Muon doesnt show any wine at all
Why wont Octopi show all thats available?

I’m not sure what you mean. This is how Wine is meant to be packaged, other distributions might make some GUI shortcuts available in the menu’s for you, but these are NOT part of upstream wine, and goes against the Arch principle of K.I.S.S… Also since you mentioned them, QT 5 and git have nothing to do with wine itself, these are completely separate packages that some 3rd party GUI front end or application needs as dependencies. Muon will show wine related packages if you select to show technical packages, by default it doesn’t show these, octopi does.


You would have the same issue using gentoo or any other distribution that closely follows upstream like Arch does.

Thanks for your reply …please excuse my noobness
What I meant was the QT5 and git pkgs were showing in Octopi but when I put “wine” in the searchbar they dont show up ?
what to do to find them again

What QT5 and git?
Well you would search for these individually, neither of these are part of the wine project, nor are they dependencies of it, so they are not going to show up in a search for wine. Even the third party GUI q4wine, depends on QT4 and not QT5. However, QT5 is already installed by default as a dependency of Plasma 5 itself anyway. Git may or may not be installed already depending on if you’ve installed anything that requires it.

yeah I meant qt5 wine a wine git…dont how I found it in Octopi…was just fumbling around and a big list of wine pkgs turned up … a lot more than if you just put wine.

I think you mean q4wine-qt5-git which is an AUR pkgbuild and not officially supported. AUR means Arch User Repository, and as the name implies, these are pkgbuild listings that are contributed by end users.

However, to install applications from the AUR, you would first need to be sure to have all of the base-devel group installed.

sudo pacman -S base-devel

This is because most of what is available from the AUR is downloaded and compiled directly on your system. There are some exceptions to this rule where it downloads and converts packages that were meant for other distributions (aka deb and rpm packages, etc.), but these are mostly printer/scanner drivers and proprietary software like google chrome.

In most cases the pkgbuild file will look for and if needed, build and/or install any build or runtime dependencies like git and qt5 for you.

Cheers mate thats great! …thanks for the info