Octopi vs Muon my take.

I had read in one of the threads here about Muon was potentially going to be ported to Netrunner Rolling. I think this would be less productive then enhancing Octopi and helping out the Manjaro distro. I know they would better appreciate the help and porting over the missing features to me seems like less work and us contributing to the system. I also worry that we are may be thought of as takers, using there resources and work and not contributing to the eco system. Just my two cents worth.

Octopis purpose is a packagemanager. Our main focus on bringing muon to Netrunner Rolling is to get a decent software center like Muon Discover.
Also in fact it isn’t really porting as the gui is already running fine on Netrunner Rolling. The main purpose is to make muon apt independable so that it can use packagekit and later even appstream which is a benefit for all distributions out there as it makes muon packagemanager and distro independent.

Thanks for your quick reply.