Hi guys

Can anyone suggest a way to automatically update my network connection to use OpenDNS? I know there was a command line tool before that would change the DNS servers to OpenDNS whenever your network disconnected and reconnected but I can’t remember what it was called and could never get it to work anyway.

Thanks all.

Here you go I found it in the Manjaro wiki for you:

Thanks. As usual, you are a legend.

Yea, you do know that you can also do this in the Network Manager (plasma-nm) applet’s configuration on a per connection basis?

Open network manager and click on the wrench, then select the connection you wish to change (wired or wireless), click on edit, then under IP4 and IP6 change the method to Manual and add in the server addresses you wish to use.

Best way would be to change it in your router config but not all routers support this, unfortunately.