Parallel Printer not seen FIX

Parallel Port not seen fix.

Well, I’m not criticizing, because I quite realize that there are major discussions about what to put on a DVD.

The fact that NetRunner sees a wireless HP printer and automagically installs it, is what is NEEDED in this kind of a distro which is intended for a modern system and zero install problems for the new user who will MOST LIKELY have a wireless and new printer/scanner.

BUT…then there are people like moi…who have…as Napoleon’s Palace Guard were called…“the old groaners” … !! :slight_smile:

Soooo ya seee I’ve got this very old Parallel Port Hewlett Packard Lasterjet 6P.

And it just keeps shuckin’ out the paper…:wink: black and white for the the classes I teach at the college…

which has…the great goal of “going paperless!”…

Anyhow… here is what happened to me and may be happening to you:

The printer does not appear at all and you know what drivers to install, in this case the LaserJet 6P HPCups 3.14.2.

The standard first fixes are…

a) unplug and replug the device.

b) ummmmm… go back to “a” above, and check the connector cables if you have several strung together! :slight_smile:

c)…ummmmmmmmm SHOUT at it while trying “a” above. :slight_smile:

d) you can try this! lol

To the NEW to Linux people! THIS IS VERY EASY TO DO.

It is something that I’ve used since I was at a distro long, long ago and far, far away… given to me by a old, dear friend.

If you do not know what a “terminal” is it is the thing labled…“terminal”…

Go to:
Kicker (Start Button)(little thingy at the far left of the bottom panel)
then: Konsole(in case of NetRunner) or possibly “console” or “terminal”

Click it and a black box will appear.

You are going to copy and past ONE AT A TIME, each of the lines THAT IS NOT ITALIC:

…that are below.

But Not the “$”!! The “$” will be in the terminal and you will paste the text after the $.

and then hit enter! :slight_smile:

One of the lines has “sudo” in it, you will have to enter your password after you hit enter.

After the Konsole has "done some stuff, there “should” be, after the line… some new text that looks something like it has “found something”.

Just go through each line, copying and pasting and it should work! :slight_smile:

The very last command should have a listing of the actual printer’s real, from the factory, not yours, name.

if such text shows up then when you try to add the printer it should appear and you can go through the interactive boxes to choose the correct driver.

HINT TO THE WISE…you MAY choose the wrong printer driver…if you do, then the printer could feed out HUNDREDS of sheets with only one or two characters on it.

HINT: type on the letter “a” in your word processor and attempt to print, if you see a correctly made “a” then you are golden! :slight_smile:

Annnnd if it is the wrong driver it should only, maybe kick out a coupla sheets…and you go back and try again…because you WILL get the thing going! :slight_smile:

Again, if this does not show the printer so that you can install it, please ask and someone more smarter than the old woodsmoker will help!

Are you sure you are running Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro/Arch)? I ask because the version of Hplip on Rolling is 3.14.6 not 3.14.2, it seems to me your posting in the wrong part of the forum.

OOPS!! you are completely correct!

I am running Frontier. :slight_smile:

If a mod could move it that would be great with me! :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out the old woodsmoker’s error! :slight_smile: