phonon crash on kde

Dear Netrunners,
i have a big problem. I used phonon-backend-gstreamer, but i have a lot of problems using it with tomahawk (no audio mostly) so i switched to phonon-backend-vlc
but when i try to switch it from system settings / multimedia / backend , kde crash handler appears…
Is there a way to fix this?
Thanks in advance and thanks for this marvelous distro!

Hi surfino,

which system you use (amd64 or i386)?

i386 latest Netrunner!

okay, so you already switched to phonon-vlc and now it crashes when you want to switch again
or you cannot switch to vlc because it crashes?

You can always try and right click on the speaker symbol in the system tray, then choose “Audio Setup” and set Backend from there.

phonon-backend-gstreamer works but it’s buggy also in ubuntu, on their page (tomahawk) they say to switch to VLC in order to fix problems (no audio or music hanging problems), but when i switch to phonon-backend-vlc i usually get kde bug handler crash (right click on speaker symbol or through system settings/multimedia)
My Audio system settings looks like this:

HDA Intel (Conexant Digital)
ALSA Timer Device
ALSA Sequencer Device
HDA Intel (CONEXANT Analog)
HDA Intel(HDA Intel ALSA hardware specific Device)
HDA Intel