Plasma 5

Hi guys

I was just wondering, I have a broken install that I’m going to do a wipe and reinstall on and I thought before that I might try Plasma 5 (can’t break it anymore than it is at the moment), can anyone tell me how to install it?

Since you we’re already running Netrunner Rolling which is based on Manjaro:

Manjaro KDE 5 0.9.0. PRE2 ISO is a good option.
This is based on the unstable branch, uses it’s own plasma repository and the new calamares installer. It also uses plasma-desktop 5.2.0, plasma-frameworks 5.6.99 and replaces some 14.12 KDE Application with frameworks versions like dolphin, etc.;topicseen

Or if you really feel adventurous you could re-install Netrunner Rolling and then remove KDE SC 4 and install plasma-desktop:
This is however a bit trickier and currently uses Plasma 5.1.2 and Plasma-frameworks 5.6.0 but keeping all the default 14.12 KDE application versions.

Ye, well, Manjaro one seems to be tricky lately too, due to kdebase-runtime seems to depend on kdepimlibs, and plasma-workspace-5.1.99 seems to depend on kdebase-runtime-4.14.3 (really?), as does powerdevil-5.1.99, plasma-desktop-5.1.99, … - very strange behaviour after the PRE2 install trying to upgrade :D.

After installing, I had to downgrade bunch of packages from 5.6.99-1 to 5.6.0-1, because they were not in repo (yet?). Considering the release date, they should though.

You were not supposed to do that, the KF5 5.6.99 (5.7) packages in the plasma repository are newer than the KF5 5.6.0 in the Manjaro unstable repository. The only packages that needed to be updated were the Plasma-xxx 5 5.1.99 packages to 5.2.0.

You should have probably read through all three threads on the KDE (Plasma) 5 pre 2 ISO by anex.

Still, it works. I was thinking that something got messed up, since I was on the unstable branch and still there were downgrades, and there were dependency problems with kdepimlibs, so I tried that one :D. Didn’t help though.

I’d would suggest putting the KF5 5.6.99 (5.7) packages back on your system, everything in the plasma repository like dolphin, kate, kdepim, etc. is built against those. KF5 5.6.99 (5.7 is backwards compatible with the KF5 5.6.0, but not the other way around, for obvious reasons.