Playing mp3's/mp4's in Dolphin

MP3’s/MP4’s play just fine with VLC but if I hover my mouse cursor over either an MP3 or an MP4 in Dolphin and then press the play button in the information panel, nothing happens. I had this problem a long time ago on another distro and it was a missing package that was causing it but I can’t remember which package it was. Does anyone know which package I need to install?

You’ll need to install libcanberra-pulse & libcanberra-gstreamer. You may also be missing some gstreamer codecs and plugins as well.

Installing phonon-qt4-vlc has fixed the problem I was having with MP3’s but only partially fixed it for MP4’s. I now have audio with MP4’s but still no video.

If using phonon-qt4-gstreamer you would need to install these files as well:

for better hardware acceleration you may also want to install: