Position Analogue Clock

[SOLVED] I just installed Netrunner Rolling. I placed the analog clock widget on my desktop, but I can’t figureout how to move it to the position I want. Any help will be appreciated.

Unlock the widgets, an click and hold it. Thats the default Netrunner’s way.
If you want to change it - Right click on the desktop=>Netrunner Desktop Settings=>Tweaks=>and untick widgets handling - press and hold widgets to move them and reveal their handlers.

Hi Dave,

you can click on any widget like the clock with left mouse button and hold it for a while to become moveable by drag and dropping.
If that doesnt work, right click on the desktop, go to desktop settings -> tweaks and there are two options to either press and hold or if thats unchecked you can mouse hover for a certain time over a widget to reveal their handle bar which then allows moving.
The press and hold checked is less annoying though imo.

Thanks, gericom and starbucks, for your responses. Holding down the left button on the mouse did the trick for me.