Press any key - not working with usb-keyboard

When you run the integrity check of the installation media and its done, it say that i should press a key to reboot. But when i press a key, it does not reboot. I made some tests and its because of usb-keyboards. But i dont have any other keyboard on a typical modern desktop pc.
On my notebook where the keyboard is been connected internaly with ps2 it works fine. When i connect the usb keyboard to the notebook it also dont work on the usb keyboard. The usb-keyboard itself is working fine of course.

Netrunner is not the only distro which suffers from this problem but unfortunately I have yet to see anyone offer a solution.

There is an attempt to fix this with syslinux 6. Though I am not up to date about the status there:

Some claim that it works after USB Legacy is enabled in the BIOS/UEFI.
Though there seem BIOS/UEFI versions that don’t provide that option anymore or are simply broken.

I sadly don’t see a fix coming too soon as I don’t think syslinux will integrate a USB HID support or all hardware vendors switch to opencore.