Printer issue (Solved)

Firstly, Netrunner Arch is just stunning. It may finally be the Linux OS that frees me from the jaws of MS. However, there is just one nagging issue that prevents me from using Netrunner as my main OS. I have a Brother MFC-J625DW usb printer. Under the Netrunner Deb system the printer worked fine, but under arch the printer is recognized, but will not print nor scan. I used “yaourt” to get the drivers for both printing and scanning, and all dependencies seem to be met. Now, when I go to print, nothing happens. The file is queued for printing. When scanning, “Failed to scan —unable to connect to scanner” error message appears. What am I doing wrong? I am somewhat familiar with Linux, mostly Debian, but I am not a Linux guru by any means, so be gentle with me! :smiley:

Have you deleted the automatically detected printer and scanner before installin the drivers ?
Did you restart your computer after installing the drivers (as far as I know they are from the vendor directly and need this procedure for some old udev rules to kick in)

Thanks for the reply. Done that. Same result. Think I’ll do a complete reinstall of the OS. A couple of other issues cropped up as well, including LibreOffice Writer not opening up properly.

Try to remove libreoffice-kde4 package

Reinstalled Netrunner and everything working perfectly!. Goodbye MS Windows! :smiley: