Problem unable to adjusting Desktop Widgets Size

I am liking the new Netrunner 64 bit rolling release very much. But as with all things there are several lillte problems that I am having. The first one is that I am unable to resize the two plasma widgets that I have installed on my desktop. They are the disk usage, and yahoo weather applets. I can move them around the desktop but they will not resize. Can anyone help? Thanks you very much.

Played around with it till I remembered how it was supposed to work not the way I wanted it.

Hi Ralph,
just to let you know, Blue Systems is involved on working on Plasma5 release for the next KDE Desktop Shell.
Plan is to have something ready for the Netrunner release in early 2015.
We are especially focusing on making the plasmoid handling on the desktop more intuitive and easy to work with, stay tuned.