Problem with 2014.09 Live DVD (x64)

When booting from the new 2014.09 Live DVD (x64) and I select “Start Netrunner Linux” from the boot menu, everything works as expected (I eventually get to the Live KDE Desktop). However, if I select “Start (non-free drivers)” from the boot menu, I do not get to the Live KDE Desktop (I’m at the netrunner login prompt on tty1). I’ve tried all this a few times and I can reproduce it every time.

Maybe your graphicscard isn’t detected correctly or the driver does not support your card.

If they used the Manjaro KDE ISO as a base then the non-free drivers may not on the live image…

It was detected correctly on 2014.04 and it supported my card.

I packaged the pkgs-image.sqfs containing the drivers and the image contains the 340.32 nvidia driver which should support your card. The image is up to date on the released ISOs

OK fair enough but something’s not right because I’ve just booted the 2014.04 Live DVD and selected “Start (non-free drivers)” from the boot menu and I eventually got to the KDE Desktop without any problems. However, the nVidia drivers on the 2014.04 Live DVD are version 331.49 but I know for a fact that my card is supported by the 340.32 drivers because I’m using them on this 2014.04 installation.

Another difference between the 2014.04 and 2014.09 ISO is the kernel version and I’ve also noticed that when booting the 2014.09 Live DVD there are a number of “[color=#FF0000]FAIL[/color]” messages, one of which is “Cannot Start Load Kernel Modules”(or something like that). Maybe that’s got something to do with the problem?

I confirmed the error now. It is those conflicting files that already “exist” on the filesystem. Don’t know why they are there though. Will be checked and fixed.

On the ISO does the Nvidia driver package match the kernel revision:


The same applies to the catalyst packages as well:

Those are supposed to ship in the pkgs-image.sqfs but somehow the mhwd-* packages also ended up in the root-image.
I still investigate why that happens and if it also applies for the catalyst driver.

Yea, that does seem strange.

Hmm. last time I did a development release with manjaroiso everything was in order. If you need help, you know where to find me.

Does this mean there will be a new ISO to replace the current “09”.

Yes there will more than likely be a new ISO soon, there is already a new test build in the developers repository.