problem with nvidia driver

hi every one
i have a nvidia geforcc 210 gt 200 1gb ddr3 but it not install i do full update and try to install every driver in additional driver and when the install finsh it give me ths message "this driver is activated but not currently in use " and the wiers about it that all desktop effect it working such as the cup and other effect so what shoud i do ?

Best bet is to uninstall nvidia drivers with synaptic then reinstall with the three commands given in the link below. I’ve installed nvidia drivers with those commands in a few operating systems with various nvidia cards with no problems.

To use the code, you open the terminal window with Yakuake (the blue icon on the right side of the default panel) and paste the code below:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

Then restart the computer. open yakuake again and execute:

nvidia x server settings

Thank you very much problem solved and screen card works now, although the same message appears when I go to additional drivers to make sure that the driver is installed but the card is working I think there is a mistake to receive this message, but this is not important because the distribution works well thank you very much for your help

Disregard the “additional drivers” tool(jockey). It has been unreliable for some time now. I believe Ubuntu abandoned it in their latest release.
Too bad. It used to be bullet proof. Not sure what has happened.

after installing the Nvidia driver, I lost the beautiful start up screen with the netrunner logo… How can I recover it!?

Same thing happened to me and it also happens with Kubuntu. This is a long-standing issue which the Kubuntu folks have never fixed. At one time, there was a utility called startupmanager which improved matters a lot but it’s no longer in the repos.

I had to reinstall Netrunner. After this Nvidia installation and after kernel upgrade, everything just got worse at some level while booting. Instead of looking for the problem I toke decision reinstall - it toke 11 minutes for a new installation and everything is fine :wink:
even the touchpad is well tapping :wink: