Problem with the Main Panel

Why is it that out of all the major KDE distros out there… I only have trouble with the Netrunner main panel?

I try adding my most used program icons to the panel and then organize them the way I want them and BAM!!
Panel BROKEN!!

And… why isn’t there an option to set the main panel back to default if something should go wrong?
Nope… NADA.

Now my panel is all messed up and not a clue of how to make it right.

All I want to do is organize the icons in the panel to where I want them and THAT is where everything goes

Firefox is my main browser and should be on the right of the left section and I have a calculator and a couple
other things Not showing.

So now, How do I get this thing to go back to working condition?

I see that it is set up so that the file manager and Firefox are built into an expanding spacer of some sort. I
do not like this! They should be separate of each other!

I found a way to re-build the entire panel!

Now it looks and works BETTER than the stock Netrunner panel!

Icons are all on their own and I can re-arrange them in any way I see fit.

Nice. See the second screenshot.

My Solution:
What I did was create a new default panel and then delete the Dolphin launcher first and then the Firefox
launcher. Then I added back to the panel what I wanted -by going into the main menu and selecting the
programs one by one, then right-clicking on them and selecting Add to panel. Then you edit the panel and
drag and drop the icons where you want them. (watch for the little gray box to appear to show where you
will be dropping the icon and when in the right location)… drop. DONE!

It is a design decision to ship a launcher + taskmanager combination (expanded-icon-taskmanager).
If you mess something up you can always recreate the default panel with a right click on the desktop under the add panel option. (You might need to remove the messed up panel manually)

Thanks for the info… but WHY would they do that? I hated it. My panel is now much better, for me.

Design is always something subjective. and what works best for you might be not something that works for others / the majority and so on.
So it is really hard to answer the question “WHY?”

Well, I am just curious as to why they like that design and why they decided to implement it in the main release of Netrunner.