Problems with install? Possibly graphics issue?

I will start by saying I am not experienced with Linux, but there is no better time to learn than now.
I first played around with multiple distros LiveBoot CD’s, before deciding on a temporary multiboot of CrunchBang(#!), Netrunner, and Linux Mint.
However Linux mint(Multiple releases of 32 and 64-bit) decided to give me troubles.

So I started with #! successfully and moved on to Netrunner, where I encountered the same exact issue.
After install, on boot the logo appears and begins loading, after a few moments there is a flash of black screen with sporadically placed pixels, which then turns into complete static.
I cannot see or hear anything and have no idea where to start.

I Have read quite a few forums on issues with AMD graphics cards, which I am assuming is a likely suspect here, but have found no solutions and very few similar posts to mine.
I have Radeon HD 4570.

Any ideas where to start, or any information I could provide that would give insight to the situation? Any help is much appreciated.

It seems a graphics driver issue. Try booting with the bootoption nomodeset or try the failsafe bootoption in the bootmenu and the vesa driver there.

I have attempted this, unsuccessfully , with Netrunner. Cannot remember if I tried with Mint. This weekend I will have another go at it. Thanks for the reply.