Prometheus install comments

This is on a much better machine than my install for the large screen t.v.
AMD fx6100 6 core @ 3.3 ghz.
8 gig ram 80 gig Barracuda Seagate (talk about a mix of old and new! lol)
Broadcom wireless
Bluetooth onboard

Well…I don’t say this very much…after all, I’m enthusiastic about “Linux” and am always enthusiastic, but I do not think that I’ve said it more than twice or mebbee…three times.


(for the Kubu people who may be reading this, I tried the daily builds and couldn’t get them to do the deed, I’m not “jumping ship”. lol )

B) That splash screen is absolutely…A FIRST…

Yes, Linux people work realy hard to have really good, and impressive, splash screens but…this one is just…well

i) I mean…that woman reminds me VERY much of “Fish” on Gotham! You picked up at least a few people there…
ii) but…the implementation of the “roatating watching the thing bore you to death”…is…spectacular… lol
iii) and the whole “hint” at Prometheus is just great!

I mean there was a certain French distro that had spectacular splash screens but this is…


C) install time, with updates on the net, 14 minutes, and a touch that not a lot of distros have… a confirmation that the internet connexion had, indeed, been established.

D) Well…again…the default background…again…I am IMPRESSED that it is so SPECTACULAR…

BUT MORE…impress by… what is NOT there!! :slight_smile:

That you guys have the chutzpa to think that the OS is going to be SO SPECTACULAR that you don’t have to show the woman’s face!! :slight_smile:

Welll…it says something!! :slight_smile:

I mean, there are a bajillion default backgrounds with beautiful girls on them with the obligatory distro logo stragecially placed on a modest, or sometimes immodest, body part…but…

To have her BURIED on the left, AND …AND…that…you don’t see her face…her legs are…

her legs are almost out “outtakes” one of the newer James Bond film beginning sequences…legs broken by raster scans…kkkxxkkkk…xxddkkkk…Be ready for an uploaded Reslarian wire frame! xxkkkzz…kssxxxkkxxxkkk

i think that she actually is HOLDING the wire frame!!! :0

…I mean what kind of artist has the chutzpa to do that!!! and what does it say about the OS underneath! :slight_smile:

The woman appeared…in under a minute!! under a MINUTE!! on this slow punk machine!?

Bluetooth worked, wifi worked, etc. Both printers, a doof old LaserJet 6P was found immediately as a local printer and and a brand new HP Officejet 6600 were found as both a local printer and a network printer.

Now, yes a lot of that hardware stuff is inherent in the OS beneath NetRunner, but …it is still impressive.

I saw in another post that headphones were not found. My Sonys worked and bluetooth found my Jam with no setup.

The thing about Kontact presenting IMAP folders for Gmail, but not a generic IMAP has been posted as “a bug”, but it is not a “bug” it is just the whole thing about Akonadai, etc. and KDE, and etc. being “disjunct” and I"m sure that it will be resolved relatively quickly,

Supposedly, that is one of the big advantages about using “QT”, that “a modular” approach allows rapid development of various components.

E) two items:

i) That whole thing about “Were all in this together kid!”…ummmm this does NOT speak well about the devs, … :slight_smile: … but I use the tagline “kid” at the end of a lot of the hot air which I produce… :slight_smile: …not a good thing that the devs so do also ! ! lol…just kidding! :slight_smile:

ii) If anyone here knows my history at Kubuntu forums, i produced quite a few backgrounds for Kubu that were very much in the “spirit” of the default wallpaper. By and large they were dismissed, on the surface, because they were not “digital art”, but I think more so that they were waay out on the edge…and also (they were not very well produced! I’m not much of an artist! )… but…

The spashscreen and wallpaper, I think…are visuals that metaphorically stake out the virtual territory that the developers AND the community…think that NetRunner will occupy in the, probably, near, future! :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts, of little worth.


Thanks a lot for the kind words, woodsmoke!
The artist of the Prometheus wallpaper is Jens Reuterbeg from VDG.

We will add the info about him with our next releases, as he has some more wallpaper ideas in development :wink:


The only problem that I have encountered,

ALBEIT on a kind of "middle of the road"machine…

the only problem that I have encountered is that my login image is “kind of jaggy”…

( This “situation” has been around since going back to 2009 , it is a “change in rendering thing” and takes…USER RESPONSE…if it is a problem…SAY SO!!! )

but I solved that TRANSIENT problem by…lol… taking the image from my phone…corpping it to about 100 by 100 and…e-mailing it to myself…and put the about 100 by 100 image on the login screen…

lol…if this is all that I have to take care of…

I’m thinking…

2 parts Tanqueray
1 part Totinos
1/2 part Lilit
in an iced martini glass
with a very long twist of lemon


wood you guys need to…