Quick Launch Hover Labels?


I love the new kicker style. Is there a way to have labels appear when you hover over the quick launch icons on the toolbar? I have yet to be able to find that.


If this launcher is very good and visually pleasing.
Do not understand that reference because when I pass the cursor over each item to a submenu is displayed with the applications, it’s just click on any of them.

I am referring not to the actual kicker aspect that provides the categories. I am focusing on the quick launch icons on the taskbar, just to the right of the kicker. These are quick launch items. With other styles, they normally show a label when hovered over. However, with this style (the one that works with kicker), it does not and I don’t see a way to change it.

To get labels(thumbnails) to appear while hovering the mouse cursor over quick launch icons on the taskbar go to :
System Settings >Workspace Behavior >Workspace and check the box for >Show Informational Tips (and Apply).

I work all these days with Homerun Kicker and is much better than that comes by default Kubuntu (K menu) but only 95% was translated into Spanish.
How I can help to get it 100%?

Homerun and Homerun Kicker are not Netrunner specific (but Netrunner is first to ship). The code is in the official KDE repositories, so there are also official translations where you can look for and help get it complete for all distros.

Thanks for showing us how to re-enable that. My question is somewhat related: in Windows 7 (I know, I know, but when they do have a good idea, it’s fair to acknowledge it) when you hover above a tab in the taskbar, you get not only a thumbnail preview, but a small “x” in the top right corner allowing you to click on and close the application/window right from the thumbnail…is there anyway to enable this in NetRunner or KDE?

I have a setup with “icons tasks” panel widget that shows me that thumbnails with an X to close them if I want.

could you post where you got this from?

This is in plasma-addons.

I’m still not able to find it - I used the “add widgets” and “get new widgets” along with Muon, but still no luck

It is included in the package plasma-widgets-addons and called Icon-Only Task Manager in the add widgets menu.

You have to use another taskmanager:
Right-click on the panel and chose: “Add Widgets” - then look for icon only taskmanager, add it to the panel.
You should also remove the Expanding Icons Taskmanager then from the panel.
Right-click on the Icons only taskmanager for options.

awesome-thanks so much. Bear with me here…how do I do that last step? I see the Expanding Icons in my Widget set and it is checked, but I do not see how to remove it? Is that somethign I just do in Muon or something like that?

No on the taskbar itself if you hover with your mousecursor over the different items you will see one calle expanding icons. Then either with a click on the x or a right click you have the ability to remove this plasmoid.

nevermind–just figured that out–thanks so much. Love this look!