Radiotray not working in Netrunner 14

Hello wonderful Netrunner People

Stumbled upon an issue regarding Radiotray 0.7.3.
It seems not to function what so ever.

Simple reinstalling won’t do the trick.
Simple .config folder “radiotray” deleting also does not help.

However i did found this:

Don’t know what to think of it.
Does someone have a better solution that does not involve messing with the system with a ppa ?


Unfortunately, Radio Tray depends on gstreamer 0.10 which hasn’t been worked on in years upstream and has been superseded by gstreamer 1.0, you can either use the PPA or wait for the radio tray developers to transition to gstreamer 1.0.

KRadio is an acceptable replacement for Radiotray. I’ve looked through all the alternatives and it’s the closest thing you can find. Its tray icon is hideous though.

To me Radiotray 0.7.3 works perfectly on Netrunner Rolling with the 0.8.10 base. If its interesting to you you can also add a Firefox Add-on like Net Radio or if your run Chrome or Maxthon give TuneIn Radios a try.

That’s because gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg is still in the Manjaro extra repository and installed by default.
BSkeptic doesn’t want to use a PPA, and since the Ubuntu repositories no longer have gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg in it, a PPA would be required.