Removing old downloads

I recently downloaded a browser from the native site. Vivaldi. I decided it wasn’t ready to use yet and tried to “remove” it through the terminal. No go. Tried to find it on the package manager. No go. Found it in the start menu but there’s no “remove” function there. I have a few other strays like this I’d be glad to get rid of but can’t find. It’s not in the download file either. Where the heck can it be. :s

Was it a normal deb package that you installed or did it come with its own installer.
If it came with its own installer you need to use its own uninstaller I guess.

It was a deb installer but my hunch is that it didn’t really get installed at all. When I try to install through the terminal it says that there is no installable program or something.

Oh. Hmm… the complete error message would help here.
Though if it wasn’t installed how did the desktop file (menu link) appear?