Hi, I have built a simple repo for Netrunner/Manjaro with latest git versions of some apps i am using daily since 7-8 years. Till 2 months ago, it was built only for debian, but now i have moved to Netrunner/Manjaro, and i decided to build it for it. The repo will be up and updated with the latest changes of the apps, it means, there could be several updates per day, or it could have just 1 per week. In other words, whenever a new changes of the apps in the repo appears, i will make a package and update it.
It will continue to exist, until i learn to upload to AUR, because to me aur is so complicated… :wink:

So here it is:

Another Netrunner/Manjaro repository. Please add these lines to your /etc/pacman.conf

SigLevel = Never
Server =

wget && sudo pacman-key --add gericom.asc
sudo pacman -Sy

Most of those applications are already in the repositories and or AUR.
Is there a reason or need for daily or weakly git builds of these applications?

PS. We also provide a Netrunner modified version of gmusicbrowser in our repository that is based on the latest released code.

i know, that they are in AUR, but these ones i am using are a little bit outdated, also about gmusicbrowser, i know that there is modified one in netrunner repo, but this one is unmodified.
I just wanted to share it with the community.
And also as i wrote, it will be up until i learn how to upload to AUR…

The AUR version 4 now uses Git over SSH, it shouldn’t be too difficult to learn.
To use older packages than what is currently in the manjaro repositories have you tried the downgrade utility?
Note: please, do not try and use this utility for Netrunner specific packages.

Please note that If you upload a pkgbuild file to the AUR of something that is already provided it may be promptly voted on to be removed.

Also, the git version number listed for applications in the AUR are not necessarily the version that will be installed, these are usually just what was available in git at the time the pkgbuild file was created. The latest version of the code in git master is what actually gets downloaded, built, and installed unless otherwise specified in both the AUR entry and in the pkgbuild file itself.

As far as sharing with the community this repository, this too is fine as long as nothing provided there will break an end users installation (no drivers or core libraries, etc.)

I have seen it. But it says - Last Updated: 2015-07-03 16:52 even the last update of the gmb git is 3 days ago.

Again, look at the pkgbuild file. It’s pulling git master and numbering the resulting package accordingly.
In this case the pkgbuild file will not need to be updated.

For sure there will be no core libraries, no drivers… just few great apps that i am using daily and want them latest-the greatest, and probably in the future plasma and icon themes, nothing special or system-breaking libraries. Thanx

No problem then. :wink:

Just be sure before you do send anything up to the AUR, that you check the pkgbuild files of what’s already provided for what they are actually doing first. You don’t want to be sending up anything that’s already provided. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is upset the Arch developer and user communities.

Thanx! I know that, but it means if you install it per example today, it will be the latest build as of today, but if the dev update it, you won’t get any update notification, unless you update it again manually. Am I right?

I’m not 100% on that one. I haven’t looked that deeply into it.
I get updates to AUR packages all the time, especially google-chrome.
I guess that would depend on the maintainer updating the AUR entry, and not the developers applications source (git, svn, etc.).
The rule of thumb there is probably to update the AUR entry on major changes and not minor ones, but again that would be up to the maintainer of that AUR entry.

We have to remember here also, that we are talking about the AUR, which is built by arch users for arch users. Arch users are expected to install, maintain and update all aspects of their systems themselves manually from the get go. Netrunner as well as Manjaro, make the installation and some of the configuration easier for end users, but in the end it’s still basically Arch underneath. There are bound to be some things that will require manual maintenance, configuration and tweaking.

Still, I do applaud you in your efforts to provide these packages for those that want or need them.

Can you tell me please, what is modified in gmusicbrowser-netrunner? I am curious :slight_smile: Thanx

We add our Filters and Fun Layout, as well as change some of the defaults. May I ask, why?

as i said i am curious, because i love this program and have using it since its first versions, and love to know the changes :slight_smile:

OK, then. :wink: