Right click root not working

Hi there

Just discovered that when trying to open a txt file as root with the right click menu Kate fails to open.

I get asked for my password but after that Kate and the txt file do not open.

Checked the services in the Dolphin preferences and the root actions are there and ticked and I can open Kate with kdesu.

I have been able to do this previously, has something broken with the last update. Has happened to both my systems running Netrunner. Haven’t trying re-installing, could that be enough?..

Maybe a dbus problem causing klauncher not to have access to it. Does a reboot fix it?

Thanks for the reply leszek

Unfortunately not. This has been constant problem with every boot. I have some very occasional problems with klauncer, but then there has always been a warning at start up, or/plus some warning on the desktop/wallpaper as well, also then the shutdown/reboot don’t work when you select them from homerun kicker…

Just tried it myself and same issue

Also doesn’t open. Maybe something to do with my gwenview,kate,Konsole issues post I made earlier and symlinks?

Weird thing when using Ksnapshot and copy a region and hit enter key to capture image then Kate popped up with opened file. Tho hitting the enter key multiple times to get Ksnapshot to register and capture image. Don’t know if the issue is connected to something deeper?


You just need to enable those services again in dolphin
They are under Settings > Configure Dolphin > Services:

They are and always have been.


Yes it does but it doesn’t there are two issues here:

First, I found out that you don’t need to link back the old directories for frameworks applications, it’s not like the old KDE 4 versions of these applications are still installed to need the config files to be in it old locations, just moving them is all that is needed, only the kdeglobals file needs to be symlinked back.

Second, you’ll need to do the same move and symlink under the root users home directory (/root) for that function to work, Remember these are changes in the home directory and NOT global settings. Fortunately Root Actions > Open in File Manager does still work since Dolphin is NOT a frameworks application yet.:slight_smile:

NOTE: gwenview has NOT been ported to frameworks so do not move it’s directory, only move kate and konsole for now.

Already moved Konsole and Kate folders from .kde4/share/apps to .local/share and symlink back to .kde/share/apps. And then did the ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals to ~/.config/kdeglobals.

So have to do that with Dolphin also? Confused trying to get root actions to work under Dolphin.

[quote]Second, you’ll need to do the same move and symlink under the root users home directory (/root) for that function to work
what same move? folders from .kde4/share/apps to .local/share? what folder Dolphin?


you can remove the symlinks you created in .kde/share/apps they are not needed since the KDE SC 4 versions of these applications are not on your system anymore.

When you use the Root Actions menu in Dolphin your opening things up as the root user (ksesu), so in order for kate or konsole to open correctly using that function you would need to repeat this process in the root users home directory (.root) like you did for your user.
Never mind, this didn’t seem to fix the issue, I’ll keep looking into it…
On a side note, after doing this kate and konsole do look a lot better now when using kdesu. :wink:
OK, I think I found the issue. That service in Dolphin uses kdesu from the kdebase-runtime package which is locking up when trying to load kate. The strange thing is issuing “kdesu kate filname” from the command line seems to work properly.
Maybe there is a syntax issue in the service entry that the new version of kate doesn’t like?
Or maybe well need to install the frameworks version of kdesu and somehow get it to be used instead of the one from the kdebase-runtime package?

I’ll need to investigate more.

Okey Dokey and just now also notice that popup thumbnail for image in dolphin now only shows type and size even tho I use to have image resolution also checked with a few other image exif info before.

Now just those two show even tho I select others in Dolphin>View>Additional Information>Image> used to be more selections like resolution,camera,etc…


Your right, there seems to be something wonky going on with KDE Applications 14.12.

You need to activate Baloo (semantic desktop search) for it.

leszek, enabling baloo doesn’t help.

Orbmiser, right click Root Actions works for Open a Terminal Here (konsole), so this is not a frameworks application issue after all. This currently is only effecting “Open as Text” option under Root Actions. I’m still trying to figure out what is causing this.