Rolling install and comments

I’ll keep this brief, which will be a FIRST for the old woodsmoker! :slight_smile:

The Live DVD ran fine but the install was…well…not pretty, the same situations that were aluded to in a couple of reviews about it just “not getting there” occurred SEVERAL Times…

The answer was…PATIENCE…THIS USER… just had to WAIT A LONG TIME…i mean it was variously, ten or fifteen minutes for the Plasma Desktop to appear, and…

VERY IMPORTANT …I learned after the nth attempt to NOT HIT any keys, the mouse nothing…

When the destkop finally appeared and was stable I did not test ANYTHING…

I just moved the VERY RESPONSIVE mouse to the install icon and hit it…

After that all things went smoothly.

I personally think that the situation is one with memory. I have a year old AMD with a nice video card, but only have 2 gigs of RAM, I could have four but just didn’t buy the extra two.

I…personally think that the whole INSTALL, for some reason, needs A LOT of memory, or a honkin’ video card.


Again, the phrase of the day … is Patience Grasshopper! :slight_smile:

DON"T DO ANYTHING…just let Netrunner boot itself, one will see some old style text and then very nice splash screen will appear.

For some reason, for this user, if I hit “return” after entering the password it goes “fritzy”, If I hit the go button it doesn’t go fritzy and there is a smooth.

BUT BLACK…as in BLACK… pause… and then the desktop appears…again.patience is the play for perfection.

I THINK that I grok the reason for Rolling to not have activities enabled by default, it provides a “gnomish” experience with the classic virtual desktops, and the settings presentation for enabling the cube, transparency etc, is very nice and crisp.

I was involved in getting the whole cube thing, etc, onto a couple of distros a long time ago, the whole CLI thing, so I KNOW it and used the cube to enhance workflow etc.

But, things have changed and I now like the activities.

BUT…I think that providing an out of the box experience which uses the classic virtual deskops is A GOOD THIING.

Activities emphasized on Ubu regular base and virtual deskops in rolling… A good test of new user bases, all that.

My kudos the the developers.

My ONLY quibble with the whole Breeze thing is not that it is “metro” but that one cannot make the folder view transparent and that one cannot resize the folder.

I use folder views a lot and I like to see the background through the folder view.

I quite realize that there is an alternate GUI that, apparently, provides such but, I want to “experience” the whole Breezy thing just for the Halibut.

And, since I use a lot of folders I resize them for various reasons, it would definitely be a plus.


I use KDE connect A LOT… with my Android, Samsung SIII and was PLEASED to see that it was provided and ready to go, one click and it found my phone and pinged. GOOD JOB.

So…hey, great distro, and my congratulations to the Devs.


We would like to thank you for your kind words.

BTW, with only two gig’s of ram, you might want to disable zramswap, akonadi, plasma searches, the compositor, etc.

Thanks for the nice comment.::slight_smile:

I agree that I should proably disable some or all of those items… but actually and I was remiss in not posting another item.

The OS, when running goes jiffy quick.

And, unfortunately, after being “lean and mean” for the first half decade with Linux, installing on metal that was made during the stone ages, I’m now … just a memory hog! :frowning:

I actuall use all that stuff, simple things like converting GoPro videos which I take while scuba diving. I have music running when working, etc.

So, it does not “seem” as of now, that I actually need more memory to RUN the OS, but, I think that the next time I’m in the whereabouts of my computer store… i’ll grab a couple of new sticks just for the halibut.

Again, thanks for the nice comment.


doubling the memory doesn’t…make “stuff” instantaneous…but…




lol Welllll…

I just REALLY like the panel that pops on the left for the activities…it has…pichurs!!! of the desktop’s wallpapers! :slight_smile:

Since I don’t expect the “folder view” widgets to get “transparency” any time soon, I have made a paradigm shift. lol

The “first activity” will always, well, maybe not ALWAYS… lol be empty.

And the rest of the desktops, since it is so EASY to recognize and get to them; I want will have folder views on them. LOL

Change…change.change…dunno! lol