Run as Root

I’m enjoying Netrunner, but I’m annoyed at not being able to save documents or other items in a Windows server hard drive. How can I log on as full administrator?
Please don’t give me the lecture about doing harm. I got that one from my mother whenever I drove my car.

By default the root account in Netrunner is disabled.
I would not recommend enabling it as it causes problems with applications and configurations.
As an alternative I would try fixing the issue that you have with writing to a windows harddrive.
First of all is this a internal harddrive or are you talking about putting files on a windows server ?

Thanks for your quick reply.
I have a wired connection to a Windows XP machine. I keep all my documents on the hard drive of that machine, and so I need to access, modify, move, and delete those files. I also need to save downloaded files to that HD.
For these purposes I need free access. It’s a bit of a nuisance to have to save and file to my desktop and then move it to the networked computer.
I’m a writer, not a technician, so I’m afraid my technical knowledge is not as great as I wish it were.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Conrad Geller

Are you using the filemanager to mount those samba shares or samba mounter (the add network icon in the network link on your desktop) ?
Samba mounter should mount those drives read and write and should mount them without using kio which the filemanager usually does which causes problems with applications not able to use kio when it comes to saving files.
Samba mounter also offers to automount those network drives on every KDE start.

Thanks again. With Samba I think I can manage things the way I want them.