Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 Drivers

I hope this isnt a stupid question… But coming from the Windows world I am a little lost in this new Linux world.

I like it so far, and getting flash to work was a huge relief… Bu I am lost in another matter. In windows, the ability to download and install Samsung drivers for the phone I have was nice…and I am wondering if there is some way to do this with this OS. What I am looking to do is have the phone connect and allow it to see the Memory card mounted as an actual “drive”.

When I connect the phone now, it and the memory are seen as MTP which is fine for transfering. But I suspect the card has a problem and I would like to do a check disk to find and repair any disk issues. I don’t have a card reader nor do I have an adaptor to use when I get one. Is there a way to mount the memory card (excluding the MTP) by connecting the phone to the computer via USB?

This is as far as I know not possible since version 4.1 of Android.

This sounds to me like a proprietary addon by samsung. So if samsung isn’t supporting linux here it will be hard to achieve what you want.

Faster and most reliable way just put your card in usb card reader. Even MTP works in weird way (can load broken data).
With reader everything works fine. Yes, this is not so convenient. But for works with fs repair tools you have to have real /dev/ anyway… without mount. For example fsck require umount drive before can fix something.