save settings in llivecd

Been playing with the livecd all day and like it. My question is:
can i save the settings i made/have now to import when I install
it on my hard drive. I am on dual boot now with winxp & another distro,
so I have to remove the other distro and re-partition before i can install
I am still a newbie at this. but learning.

I’m afraid any changes made in the liveCD session will not be carried over to the installed system. That’s how liveCDs work. Hope you didn’t create anything too important… :o

As for removing the other distro, depending on how much space you have free on your HD, it may be possible to shrink its partition and create a new one for Netrunner. If you want to keep the other distro, that is.

ok, thanks, but there was another distro and it DID have a feature that allows saving the settings to harddrive. I don’r remember the name of the distro. I thought that would be standard for livecd’s.

yeah, i’ll just create a new partition & install & start all over again.

thank you for responding.