Saving Current Sessions in Firefox?

Since I was told that saving sessions in the Kubuntu flavor of this distro was removed from Firefox, (god help me as to WHY)… I am wondering if this is the case for the rolling edition, as well?

I have ran the Kubuntu flavor netrunner on two different computers and my Dell did save the previous sessions, regardless. But I have recently upgraded the memory and no longer can I save the previous sessions. Just ERKS me!!

I even tried the firefox plug-in, ‘Session Manager’ and it worked great for a couple of weeks, but then stopped working properly. I get very frustrated having to spend time to re-locate all of my previous websites I want back up in the browser.

But I also had several glitchy things happening with the Kubuntu flavor of this distro and am now looking to switch to something else due to it. Otherwise, going back to 13.12 may be in order?

Firefox session saving works again when you disable preloading for Firefox in systemsettings -> startup and shutdown.
This works for frontier and for rolling.